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Scale7 Locomotive Wheels

These wheels are made for the Martin Finney 'Rover'kit but may suit other Broad Gauge locos. The driving wheels are mounted on a 3/16" axle (requiring our standard Allen key); the tender and carrying wheels are on a 5/32" axle

Slater's also manufacture a small range of standard guage Locomotive Driving Wheels to S7 profile. These are sold exclusively by the ScaleSeven Group to whom enquiries should be addressed.

Part No.

Product Description
Price ex VAT Price inc VAT Add to Cart
S7848RMF 4'0" GWR Broad Gauge Tender Wheel £19.25 £23.10

S7853RMF 4'5" GWR Broad Gauge "Rover" Carrying Wheel £19.25 £23.10

S7895R 8'0" GWR "Rover" Broad Gauge Driving Wheel £24.75 £29.70