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Plain Plastikard

PLASTIKARD is a specially balanced composition of a number of ingredients, each one of which is chosen to provide certain properties. The resulting material is tough yet flexible. This amazing sheet plastic is produced to very fine tolerances of thickness, is damp proof, and is not affected by normal climatic changes. It bonds almost instantly with a suitable solvent and nothing seems impossible with PLASTIKARD and MEK-PAK, the perfect bonding medium.

Photo of building built from Plastikard

Model Making with Plastikard

PLASTIKARD has no grain so the edge of a cut is always clean and sharp. It is ideally suited to all forms of model making: architectural, railways, boats, military, etc., and is extensively used in Art and Handicrafts. It is far ahead of any other medium for all model-making purposes. In short, there is no model, which can be made from card, paper or wood, and in many cases, metal, which could not be made quicker and better in PLASTIKARD. The speed at which models can be constructed using MEK-PAK for fixing is positively staggering!