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Gauge 3 Parts

Gauge 3 (sometimes know as 2½" [two and a half inch] gauge or 'G64')

Gauge 3 Accessories

Part No.

Product Description
Price ex VAT Price inc VAT Add to Cart
G3155 3 Link Wagon Couplings. Cast Nickel Silver; Steel Links (with springs & nuts) £11.28 £13.54

G31562 Midland Short/PO Wagon Buffers [set of 4] £14.85 £17.82

G31565 1923 RCH (end door) Wagon Buffers [set of 4] £14.85 £17.82

G31565A 1923 RCH (side door only) Wagon Buffers [set of 4] £14.85 £17.82

G31574 GWR Square Shank Sprung Coach Buffers 18" Round Head [set of 4] £22.55 £27.06

G3965 MR Johnson Loco Numerals (etched brass) £10.18 £12.22

MG3023 Working Loco Screw Link Couplings [pair] £16.41 £19.69