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7mm Scale European Wheels

Locomotive Wheels

A locomotive driving wheel set consists of two wheels, an axle and crank pins where appropriate. Wheels consist of a brass centre bush, nylon moulded wheel (so no problems with insulation) and a steel tyre. Axles are square ended for easy quartering. All locomotive wheels are fine scale but we can supply axles for Scale7 (Ref: X78002S) All axles are 3/16" (4.763mm) Diameter unless otherwise stated. In the Crankpin column 'PB' denotes that the crankpin position is between two spokes whereas 'IL' denotes that the crankpin position is in-line with a spoke.

Part No.

Product Description


Price ex VAT Price inc VAT Add to Cart
7848FB 1200mm 12 Spoke Bogie Wheel (Paris-Orlean 2-4-2) £16.96 £20.35

7848FT 1200mm 10 Spoke Tender Wheel (Paris-Orlean 2-4-2) £16.96 £20.35

7851T7 4'3" 16 Spoke Driving Wheel (DB Class T7) IL £23.38 £28.06

7861T18 5'1" 18 Spoke Driving Wheel (DB Class T18) 12" IL £23.38 £28.06

7878F 2000mm 21 Spoke Driver (Paris-Orlean 2-4-2) 325mm PB £23.38 £28.06

Wagon and Coach Wheels

These wheels are fine scale and consist of steel pin-point axles, Brass bearings, Nylon wheel centres & steel tyres, which are pre-assembled. A set consists of four wheels, two axles and four bearings (bearings are also available Ref: 7154).

Part No.

Product Description
Price ex VAT Price inc VAT Add to Cart
8116 9 Spoke (Wagon) Size 3'3" £11.00 £13.20

8117 Continental 7 Double Spoke (wagon) size 3' 1" £11.00 £13.20

8118 Early French (Coach) wheel 1840 onwards size 3'7" £11.00 £13.20

8119 Continental 7 Double Spoke (Coach) size 3'7" £11.00 £13.20