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Moulded Alphabets

Full sets of plastic letters and numbers - ideal for naming stations, signal boxes, factories etc., and easily fixed in position with SLATER'S Mek-Pak.

Part No.

Product Description
Price ex VAT Price inc VAT Add to Cart
1102 2mm High Letters & Numerals [White] £4.44 £5.33

1103 3mm High Letters & Numerals [White] £4.44 £5.33

1105 5mm High Letters & Numerals [White] £4.59 £5.51

1106 6mm High Letters & Numerals [White] £4.59 £5.51

1107 7mm High Station Letters [White] £7.15 £8.58

1108 8mm High Letters & Numerals [White] £7.15 £8.58

1108B 8mm High Letters & Numerals [Black] £7.15 £8.58

1113 13.5mm High Letters [White] £12.38 £14.86

1116 16mm High Letters [White] £14.85 £17.82

Download the sample sheet for further details.