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"Prince of Wales Collieries", Pontefract

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O Gauge (7mm scale)

These wagons are based on the Railway Clearing House regulations of 1907. Charles Roberts as a major wagon builder must have had a considerable influence in the drawing up of these regulations. This is evidenced by the fact that the wagons being built by Roberts in the 1900s, on which this kit is based, were virtually indistinguishable from the 1907 design. This wagon was built with side and end door.

The Prince of Wales Colliery was started in the 1860s by john Rhodes Ltd and by 1872 production had begun; it changed hands in 1928 and 1947 but retained its name.

At the time of its closure in August 2002 it was England's oldest working pit being over 140 years old.

In its 140 year history it saw many changes, not the least of which was manpower. At its height it employed over 2,000 men but by its closure in 2002 less than 500 remained.

Our 7mm ('O'Gauge) wagon is based on two batches of wagons ordered from Charles Roberts in 1906 and totalling 124 wagons. The first group of 64 wagons was ordered in March 1906 and were numbered 550 - 613. The later batch of 60 ordered in October 1906 were numbered 614 - 629 and 664 - 707.

These wagons were painted MR Loco Crimson with black ironwork and white lettering shaded black.