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"Parkend" Colliery, Forest of Dean

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O Gauge (7mm scale)

In 1887 the Railway Clearing House (RCH) issued its first set of specifications, which although not mandatory, did set down certain dimensional and other requirements in the construction of private owner wagons.

It is a wagon built to these specifications that our model of the Gloucester Railway Coach and Wagon Company 6 plank open wagon, side and end door, represents.

The Parkend Deep Navigation Collieries Co Ltd was incorporated in 1892 with a capital of £100,000 in £10 shares. 5,000 shares were used to purchase the Parkend and New Fancy Collieries Co Ltd, the Rising Sun and the Union Colliery.

Our 7mm ('O'Gauge) wagon is based on one of a group of 50 placed on order in December 1892, the first of which were ready for delivery in January 1893.

Payment for these wagons was to be paid over 7 years.

The running numbers for these wagons were 249 - 309.

The body of this wagon is painted black with white lettering shaded red.