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Dinorwic Quarry Slab Wagon

Photo of kit 16W08

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16W08 Dinorwic Quarry Slab Wagon £22.33 £26.80

Most Welsh slate quarries had three types of wagon: one for carrying raw slabs of slate from the quarry face to the mill for processing; the second type was for carrying the vast amount of waste material (or “rubbish”) to the tips which are such a feature of these quarries. This is a kit for the former (see 16W09 for the latter). Formed mostly from easily folded-up etched brass with some brass and whitemetal castings, and comes complete with correct double flanged wheels.

The third type was for carrying the finished roofing slates away to market which we have had in the range for some time (see 16W01 and 16W02).